About me: I’m an American living in Japan! My husband and I live in eastern Japan, near Tokyo. We are English teachers for now, but would eventually like to work as missionaries here in Japan full-time. For more about our daily life, you can see our personal blog here!

About cooking & the blog: When my husband and I moved to Japan in 2011, I knew things would be different in the kitchen, but I had no idea. Some things turned out to be simpler than I expected, while others were frustratingly hard. Here I’ll share some recipes I enjoy, as well as hints and advice specific to Japan for finding or substituting ingredients you need. This blog is aimed at people who live in Japan but sometimes miss foods from home, so there is a mix of recipes from different cuisines, including a few Japanese dishes.

As far as cooking goes, I’m always trying new recipes, but I often change, adapt, or adjust them to my liking. My changes usually involve making the steps or ingredients simpler (fewer dishes to wash!), making them healthier (less meat, more veggies!), or figuring out how to substitute ingredients that are difficult or expensive to get in Japan.


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